Reversible Wrap - Black Watch

Genuine Scottish Tartan Wrap / scarf.

This Genuine Scottish Tartan Scarf is reversible, and can be worn tied as a scarf for everyday wear, or around the shoulders as a wrap for Evening Wear.

It has tartan on one side and plush warm luxury black fleece on the other, enabling you to wear the tartan side or the black side showing, or a combination of both. 

Perfect for snuggling up to inside your jacket, or for covering the shoulders in that little black dress, you'll get years of wear from this quality wrap, handmade in Edinburgh.

When worn as a wrap, can be pinned in place with a traditional Scottish Brooch to complete the look.

Reversible Wrap in Genuine Scottish 100% Wool Tartan.

The Tartan

This Black Watch tartan is one of the most famous in Scotland, and is popular at weddings.

The Black Watch is the name of the 42nd Highland Regiment. Originally created in 1729 to patrol the Highlands of Scotland, the Regiment is perhaps the most famous Scottish regiment, having fought in numerous Battles and the First and Second World Wars. The Black Watch are famed for their honour, gallantry and devoted service to King, Queen and country. 

You do not have to have any connection to the Regiment to wear and appreciate their tartan. 

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Reversible Wrap - Black Watch