Genuine Scottish tartan woven in Scotland from 100% Pure New Wool - accept no imitations.

What is a Clan?

The concept of a Clan has its roots in Scottish and Irish history. It has been described as a family, house, group, race, society, tribe, sept, fraternity and brotherhood. All good descriptions, it means that you are not alone, you are part of something bigger, the Clan.

Clanbags – how it all started.

Clanbags began in 2013 in a little town called Linlithgow, just outside Edinburgh. Having a keen interest in Clan history and the history of tartans our founder struggled to find Genuine Scottish Tartan accessories, even on sale in Scotland.

She felt that carrying a piece of genuine tartan around would not only make a statement about your heritage and who you are but would make Clanbags carriers feel good knowing the history of the tartan they carried and it’s provenance.

You don’t have to have Scottish heritage to own a Clanbag, there are generic Scottish tartans available that represent different areas of Scotland such as our Loch Lomond tartan.

Our handbags are designed in the UK, with all Genuine 100% Wool tartan woven in the Borders of Scotland . Each is an individual investment piece, designed to be treasured for years.

We have also included our Irish friends across the sea and can include other tartans such as Welsh and International.


Become part of the Clanbags family – carry a Clanbag today.